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Welcome to Your TeleHealth Tablet

Getting to Know Your TeleHealth Tablet

AudioNova at Walgreens welcomes you to your very own TeleHealth Tablet. As you get to know your new hearing aids, this pre-configured tablet will be a great resource along the way. You can look forward to remote control access to your devices and a number of Telehealth options offered by our staff.

Your Samsung Tab A smart tablet is fully-functional with all the necessary tools to connect, fit, and adjust your new hearing aids. To get started, let's review the components that came in the box, turn on the tablet and review what each of the icons mean. 
Unboxing Your Tablet - when opening your TeleHealth Tablet for the first time, make sure you have all the necessary components:

- Tablet
- Charging cable
- Wall plug adapter
- Instruction booklet
Turning Your Tablet On - to turn your tablet on and off, locate the buttons along the right side and press and hold the upper button.

Plugging in the Charging Cable - when your tablet needs recharging, plug your charging cable into the charging slot in the bottom middle of the tablet and the other end into the wall adapter and into a compatible outlet.

Homescreen Icons - once powered up, your TeleHealth Tablet will display the following icons on its homescreen:
AudioNova - this icon will bring you back to this Welcome Page on the AudioNova website.

Hearing Remote App - launch this app to connect to your hearing aids for remote fitting and adjustments.

Microsoft Teams - can be used to video conference in cases where there are problems connecting with myPhonak.

Contacts - here you'll find the phone and email of your hearing care provider to contact them any time.

Hearing Aid Help - access videos showing how to change batteries, clean and maintain your hearing aids.

Gmail - your tablet comes with its own email address. Use this app to check the inbox.

Calendar - Add dates and future hearing appointments to your fully functioning calendar.

Google Chrome - Use this web browser to search the internet.

Hearing Remote App

Your TeleHealth Tablet comes with the Hearing Remote App already installed. The app itself will allow you to receive adjustments remotely from our staff, access remote control functions and many more. 

  • Remote Adjust - receive adjustments remotely from an AudioNova Hearing Professional.
  • Hearing Aid Status - see state of battery charge, wearing time statistics and configurations.
  • Remote Control - control from the tablet the volume and frequencies of your hearing aids.

More information can be found here.

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