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Connect Hearing has committed itself to providing the absolute best in hearing health care to our clients. Our team of professionals routinely go above and beyond industry standards and consistently exceed expectations. We invite you to read for yourself what our clients say about us.

Featured Testimonials

"It’s like putting on a pair of glasses for the first time and you can suddenly see everything around you. That’s how I feel. With these I can hear the woodpeckers again and the sounds of nature. I love it! It’s like a lightbulb has turned on in my life. I can’t even put words to it. "
"Every time I call and need help, they are always there for me and make sure if I need to come in, they set up an appointment right away, sometimes that same day if needed. Very friendly and helpful office staff."
-Janet in Chicago, IL
"Friendly and excellent customer care. Had issues with hearing aids, was in and out with issues resolved within 20-25 min. Will definitely be back for future hearing tests and adjustments if need be."
-James in Chicago, IL
"Appointment handled in a friendly and efficient manner with appropriate sanitation procedures."
-Gary in Westmont, IL
"Service is friendly, on-time and always professional. The Phonak rechargeable model hearing aids I'm presently using are the best I've ever had. They are also Bluetooth connected to my cell phone."
-John in Westmont, IL