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Online Hearing Test
Find out how good your hearing is in just three minutes. The online hearing test provides valuable information about your hearing.

The AudioNova hearing aids are a luxurious blend of world-class style, functionality, and comfort with cutting edge features and capabilities.

AudioNova RIC B

The AudioNova B is the newest hearing aid with a sleak and comfortable receiver-in-canal design. Users will enjoy software that automatically personalizes hearing settings and standard Bluetooth connectivity to all smart devices. Read more about the AudioNova B.

AudioNova Blu BTE

Enjoy AudioNova B's great sound and quality and even more settings. AudioNova Blue BTE is designed for clients that prefer a BTE, and want the convenience of rechargeability. Read more about the AudioNova Blu BTE

AudioNova DX

With a sleek outward appearance and robust capabilities, the AudioNova DX is the brand’s most powerful model. In addition to its unparalleled audio technology, it also boasts advanced connectivity features, including Bluetooth connection, hands-free calling, and stereo media streaming. Learn more about the AudioNova DX.

AudioNova Basic+

The AudioNova Basic+ makes premium audio technology encompassed in modern style available to every budget. Its feedback manager eliminates extraneous noises and enhances conversation quality to provide the ultimate audio experience.

AudioNova Basic+ Hearing Aid