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Caregiver Resources

Caregiver Resources

Coming to grips that you can no longer hear as well as you did is a difficult reality for any person to accept. It is common for people to ignore hearing loss and often takes a nudge from a friend or loved one to realize how debilitating their condition actually is.

Talking About Hearing Loss with a Loved One

Explain any Health Benefits

Though hearing loss is mostly painless, it doesn't mean that it is not affecting one's health.  Therefore, it is probably best to open the conversation up with the health benefits of using hearing aids. 

There have been numerous studies linking hearing loss to afflictions such as Alzheimer's disease. Depression has also been shown linked to hearing loss. Moderate depression jumps from 4.9% of those with excellent hearing, to more than double 11.4% of people with some degree of hearing loss.

Effects on Employment

It's not legal to discriminate against those with any degree of hearing loss at work, not heairng properly can adversely affect one's job and job performance. The good news is that hearing aids can significantly increase one's productivity and employment opportunities as it will reduce misunderstandings and enable the user to perform at a higher level.

Educate Them on Modern Hearing Aids

The stigma of wearing hearing aids is one of the biggest mental hurdles when trying to address hearing loss. When people think of hearing aids, they think of the clunky, uncomfortable, and unattractive models prevelant 20-30 years ago.  Modern hearing aids are much more advanced in functionality, small and discreet.

Even those that fit behind the ear are slim and barely noticable. Patients often surprise loved ones who had no idea they had been wearing hearing aids. 

Before talking to your loved one, do some research and show them images of current models.

Research Cost and Payment Options

The cost of hearing aids can also attribute to resistence in adopting a hearing solution. A pair of quality hearing aids that are properly fitted may cost several thousand dollars, it's definitely a major investment.

However, those costs are more often than not offset by long-term healthcare savings, better employment performance, and higher quality of life. Payment plans and affordable financing are also available options to explore.

Set the Example

Despite all the points you're making in addressing a loved one's hearing loss, you may still get resistance. We recommend setting a good example by getting your own hearing tested regularly. Ask them to accompany you for the test to see how convenient and easy it is and help reduce the negative stigma associated with hearing aids and make hearing health normal. 

If you need further assistance speaking with a loved one, don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff, as they are experienced in these delicate conversations. 

Additional Resources

AudioNova is here for you and understand that overall care and quality of life for your loved one is your first priority.  Please review our list of Caregiver Resources and contact us with you have any questions. 

National Family Caregiver Support Program (NFCSP) - established in 2000, supporting family and informal caregivers through various funded programs.

Eldercare Locator - is a public service through the US Administration on Aging and can be your first step to finding resources for aging adults.
Family Caregiver Alliance - established in 2001 and a great source of information on caregiving and long-term issues for family caregivers.

Caregiver Action Network - peer forums, story sharing platforms, and a family caregiver toolbox.

US FDA, Office of Women's Health - Tips for Caregivers - helpful tools to assist caregivers and how to manage loved ones.

Next Step in Care - find here easy guides for family caregivers and healthcare providers, helping both to work hand in hand addressing health issues of loved ones.